Activating the URBN lobby!

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A physical installation in the URBN center lobby!

Used to localize and initialize the app, the Drop Zone also functions as the center point for Talkdrop. It pulls people into a shared digital world while simultaneously rooting them more presently in the space.

Listening functionality in use

Listen to voice messages left by other students

Tap on the drops to hear whats going on around you in URBN, everything from food truck recommendations to new podcasts being made to knock knock jokes.

Recording functionality in use

Record your own drops and contribute to the conversations

Excited about something you’re working on? Struggling with finals and need encouragement? Totally disagree with who’s the best food truck on campus? Leave a voice drop letting everyone know


Hear what others had to say

Talkdrop green bubble Talkdrop red bubble
Talkdrop orange bubble Talkdrop blue bubble

“This feels like I’m walking through a communal finals week stream of consciousness..it couldn’t be more strange, wonderful, absurd, and creative. Go URBN Center!”


Meet the creators

Brendan Luu headshot

Brendan Luu


Brendan Russo headshot

Brendan Russo


Jake Culp headshot

Jake Culp


Erin Wiegman headshot

Erin Wiegman


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Martina Calluori


Phoebe Bostwick

Phoebe Bostwick



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